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              From the earliest days of human evolution, one of strongest beliefs that have existed is the fact that “Knowing is everything”. It is the knowledge we gain from different sources that is everlasting. The sources can be books, internet, parents, and most importantly the teachers. No doubt that in ancient scripts, teachers are compared to Gods metaphorically time and again. In this edition, Cult brings to light the story of two professors who still remain the most admired faculty from IIPM for the students who graduated over 15 years ago. Both of our Cover leads inculcated precious learning in the students which they will treasure for a lifetime. Cult takes a peek into their terrific career journey and finds what it takes to not just to win the hearts of the students but actually remain in their hearts forever.


              Prof. NaveenN Chamoli has been a name synonymous with the exponential growth that IIPM and Planman has paved through since their inception. Almost every student he taught at IIPM was touched by his ability to transform the outlook of his students and all of them admire him till date and almost every division that he started at Planman has now grown to be an important company of the group. Backed by years of academic research of the institute and his corporate and consulting experience he has conducted various leadership and sales motivational workshops by himself and also in association with faculties from Harvard Business School, IMI, Columbia University etc. Prof. Chamoli has delivered great strategic consulting solutions to some major names from India Inc. that includes Unilever Group, Colgate Palmolive, Samsung, Honda, Amway, Fortis Healthcare, Timex, Godrej and Boyce, Valvoline Cummins, Electrolux, Valvoline Cummins Ltd. Bharat Electronics Ltd., Gas Authority of India, and others. He is one of the founding members of the team that started Planman as a consulting offshoot of the Institute and which has now grown to become one of the fastest growing 360 degree multi interest consulting and business services corporation in the world. He is currently on the Board of Directors of Planman Technologies , Planman Motion Pictures, Planman CHE (Centre for Higher Education) and MYOD (Make your Own Destiny) and is the Dean for Center for Faculty Development at IIPM. For 17 years now, in a leadership role across the various group companies he has helped Planman deliver significant advantages and value to it’s clients and partners through it’s core competency; people. Thus academic excellence apart, he excels in people and thought leadership. He is the author of “A Branded Life”, and at the Asia’s Best B-School Awards in Singapore 2011, he was conferred by the Chief Marketing Officers Council and endorsed by the Asian Federation of Business. He was awarded as one of the Best Professors for his contribution to the area of Management Education. Add to that his contributions towards the IIPM Think Tank through Daily Indian Media Publications, and his association with GIDF from its very early days. Well, and if you thought that he is all about the mundane meticulous hard work, Naveen loves the wild outdoors and in sports has won various National Shooting Championships and has also initiated insightful concepts like RECALL (Research and Exploration Centre for Active Learning and Living). He also has his own mountain camp and institute in the hills of Uttarakhand which initates all ages and walks of life to the wonderful world of adventure and outdoors and trains police and defence personnel and self help groups in disaster management and mountain search and rescue. Need we say more..!

              People like Prof. Chamoli have lived up to the way some successful film stars and sportsmen are featured in the ad campaigns of Seagrams, where in a quest to keep growing higher, they keep asking themselves after conquering one frontier from the other – “Have I Made It Large”? And, the ad ends with a tagline – “It’s your life; Make it large”.

              Prof. Chamoli spent a great deal of his childhood in the scenic montage of Himalayan ranges at Mussoorie in Uuttarakhand. His parents have been his strongest influence till date as they have shaped his outlook and character. He explains, “With my father passionately serving in the armed forces and being a world renowned Mountaineer having lead teams over innumerable rafting, mountaineering and skiing expeditions; I too wanted to do things with a different passion and never conformed to the normal way of things. But this sense of exploration is complemented by very strong values and virtues instilled by my Mother for she ensured that I grew up in a home of love and yet a lot of rules with very high standards of mannerisms expected of me, my siblings, and the many cousins who stayed with us to complete their education.”

              A student of St. Geroge’s College, he came to Delhi seeking higher education and he says that he was lucky to find that IIPM was probably the only institute in the world back then that had an integrated UuG programme and that is precisely why he latched on to it. His personal interview which was taken by Director Sir and Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri and he was glad about the fact that the questions asked to him were not just only about his academic studies. He reminds us, “The questions were about my dreams, and how I saw the future, my understanding of people and situations, and my hobbies like shooting”. He recalls this very interview as the “advent of the transformation to come in the times ahead”. For Prof. Chamoli, the next three years at IIPM were all about acquiring the required self belief, knowledge, skills, attitude and building passions. Prof. Chamoli recollects his days from his batch which comprised 30-40 students. “At IIPM, I had world class faculty and all you needed to do was to listen to them carefully during the classes and the learning has stayed till date”. He had a very active role in all the extra-curricular activities and also feels that each student from his batch believed in the IIPM vision and realised that it had an excellent MBA programme”. He says that the learning at IIPM was great fun and the flat that he had taken on rent in Munirka was the hotspot of parties , fun and also serious night studies preparing for the next day presentations in the class or preparing for debates or activities like dumb charades for competitions with other B schools. It housed five students as permitted by the landlord but then there were never less then 20 or so at any given time. No wonder that some of his good friends for life are from the Institute, or are those who he ensured would join IIPM. His association with IIPM now extends over two decades and with his better half Prof. Susheela Chamoli too being one of the most loved faculties at IIPMhe says that his life now wholly revolves around IIPM and Planman including the array of accomplishments and accolades from all spheres.

              The placements for the batch of 1995, when he wa graduating was the best ever till that year, but by then Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri was developing a concept of integrating the IIPM vision with a consulting firm of the institute that would harness the ideas of IIPM. When faced with the duality of either opting for a corporate career outside IIPM or be a part of IIPM, it took him a split second to go for the latter. “Hence, I became one of the founding members of Planman”, he adds with pride. What started with a one room office in the ISI complex at lodhi road is today a world widespread business. Meanwhile, Prof. Chamoli also started taking classes at IIPM (worth reminding that he still does so and is by far the most admired Executive Communication teacher). One of the first divisions of Planman was T&D, which was delivering Training programmes to the corporates. Prof. Chamoli says, “Backed by years of academic research of the Institute we transformed the way we delivered T&D modules and created programmes where the learning from training could be absorbed better–right from soft skills training to highly specialised training”. This resulted in more assignments and clients for training and consulting. Slowly but surely, the division grew, and Planman started with other ventures like Market Research and PR (ICPAR now ICMR), HR (Planman HR), events, and many more divisions followed. He states that in the initial years “Planman was fuelled by the brightest students we could find in the IIPM campus as it was easy to pick them because we saw them through two to three years of their classes in the institute ”. There was a lot of team bonding within Planman as everyone was aligned very well with the vision and mission of IIPM.


              My wife Susheela and my sonny boy and then if I can travel, trek and go camping with them. I love the outdoors and nature to their fullest.

              Movies : Life is Beautiful, Godfather
              Gadgets : has to be Blackberry!
              Car : If Harley davidson could be a car
              Perfume :? Jean-Paul Gaultier
              Accessory : “I give a damn” attitude
              Hang-Out in Delhi : The Big Chill
              Cuisine : Chinese
              Holiday Destination : My Dad’s
              adventure and outdoor camp in

              Seize the day by working hard and playing hard. Live true to your values and you will feel more at peace and more fulfilled because you are being true to yourself.

              HUMILITY AT THE HELM

              Another one of those legendary names from the IIPM Think Tank, Prof.? Sourav Chatterjee was one of the founding members of Planman Technologies and has brought with him immense amount of energy and drive that Planman has revolved around. As a student at IIPM Prof. Chatterjee got the opportunity to undergo an internship with GSB consumer healthcare (Glaxo Smithkline & Beecham). His corporate experience include working with Tecnova which is an international management consulting firm focussed on India Entry strategy and business planning. He worked there as an executive and undertook Market Research, Business Planning and Post Entry Services for multinationals and companies entering India and seeking an advantage in the Indian market. Thereafter he has worked with Xerox in Sales as a Product Sales Manager for various lines over 5 years driving Digital, Colour, and Outsourced Business Services in West and South Region. As a founding member of Planman Technologies he has been instrumental in establishing and carving out a special position for Planman in Electronic publishing, Library, Newspaper Digitisation and, the publishing BPO space for Planman Technologies. All of these exposures have helped him develop himself in the field of Business Development, Market Research, Sales, and T&D. His personality and a simplified take on things coupled with a passion to excel, has made him one of the most popular and loved among the senior leadership at IIPM and Planman. His efforts reflect in the words of Annie Gottlier - “It is so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to”.

              Prof. Sourav Chatterjee was schooled, in an era when engineering and medical studies were the high tides for career seekers but he always knew that he wanted to do something different. Being born and brought up in the capital of MP – Bhopal, he also had a desire to go out of Bhopal and experience the world in a different light. His parents wanted him to pursue Engineering but luckily, one day, his elder brother came across the ad for an integrated UG programme by IIPM. Despite a few shadow of doubts from his parents, he gave it a go. “The next three years of my life at IIPM since then, are the most memorable of my life, as it transformed me completely”. He admits that despite being an avid reader and good academically, he had a few doubts about his public speaking and communication ability but IIPM changed that forever. The rest as they say is, ‘history’. Or in the case of Prof. Chatterjee, a journey that has tirelessly gone up the ladder and till this day, there has been no stopping. He proudly remembers the days from his batch and points out that the bonding they shared was amazing and that created a source or drive for Planman as a result.

              Prof. Chatterjee embarked on his corporate journey with GIST (Global Information Systems Technology) which was an electronic information marketing firm. From there he briefly worked with IIPM-Planman in its initial years, and then he had a 1.5 year stint with Technova which was into international management consulting for firms that entered India. He adds, “I then got the opportunity to work with Xerox (Xerox Modicorp back in those days) which was exciting as they were undergoing a transition from analog printing devices to digital”. Prof. Chatterjee joined them in 1998 and worked there till 2003 as a Product Sales Manager. “I handled Coloured, Digital, and Outsourced business devices”, he adds. He got a great exposure and experience of managing sales as well as business development, before joining back Planman to drive new initiatives.

              “We realised that Sourav had the potential and that he should not be anywhere else in the world but only with us”. Prof. Chamoli reminds us that though Prof. Chatterjee is humble enough to call himself just a ‘good’ student, he was in fact the winner of the Director’s Gold Medal from their batch. So he was not just ‘good’, he was the ‘best’. Prof. Chamoli adds, “He was the kind of person who could answer any question or speak about any topic. He is knowledgeable, intelligent, sharp, and is always a pleasure to talk to”. Prof. Chamoli tells us that back in 2003, Prof. Chatterjee had a great career going for himself, and from all the people from the past, Prof. Chatterjee was the obvious choice. Prof. Chamoli adds with distinction, “Sourav had earned a big reputation and was widely recognised for his tremendous work at Xerox. Of course it was a big decision for him to make but we finally had him on board in 2003”. Prof. Chamoli feels that the coming of Prof. Chatterjee in to Planman added to their strength in a big way. “He is the Dilton of Archie’s”, adds Prof. Chamoli with a smile.

              “People commit to Naveen’s ideas with belief and he has made the execution of many concepts possible at Planman. Without him as a leader, so many of our achievements would not have been possible”, says Prof. Chatterjee. He takes us back to the campus days when according to him; Prof. Chamoli was a sort of chirpy and extremely smart character. He then ascertains, “At the back of his mind lies a very calm, creative and sharp person and he has had amazing success in handling colleagues, seniors and customers”. Prof. Chatterjee feels that behind every successful venture of Planman, Prof. Chamoli’s contribution has been immense. He adds, “Whenever I spoke to Naveen, I always felt inspired. It’s my policy when in self doubt go to Naveen. He has a really fertile mind and can be very aggressive in his approach but yet very calm”. Prof. Sourav adheres to the fact that at the present day, competition is tough and one needs to stand out, and says, “That is the forte of Naveen himself, and he is the ideal crisis manager and a true leader in problem situation”.


              SOURAV CHATTERJEE: Our journey together Planman Technologies and Beyond
              The most significant initiative together in 2005- Planman Technologies saw both Prof. Naveen Chamoli and Prof. Sourav Chatterjee working together with a start up team of IIPMites - Amit Vvohra, Vvishal Salgotra and Pawan S Narang. Over the years it now has emerged as a strong player in the content and publishing BPO market offering technology and services to Educational Publishers, Llibraries, Governments, Information Aggregators and Information E-commerce companies. He reflects –‘ This is a dream story of entrepreneurship driven by passion belief and Prof Arindam Chauduri’s relentless drive, faith and support to drive a team of relatively inexperienced business professionals to create a company with niche in a very competitive market. Sourav reflects – Even though we have miles to go, I am so grateful to Sir, Naveen and my team of Amit Vohra, Vishal Salgotra and Pawan S Narang. This is a lifetime adventure experience of unparallel opportunity to be a part of a story of building a venture from scratch, doing cold calls in various corners of the world and then building the business, people by people, customer by customer and contract by contract to finally create a sustainable business model ready for truly bigger things.

              Right from their days as batch-mates, both these immaculate Professors had lots of fun together especially during events like Amaze. It is the mutual respect that makes them such a formidable team. From time to time, they have come across many challenges but have come out strong every time. Prof. Chamoli then speaks about how they use to sit in board rooms and have long lunch sessions because they were all about movies and all of them were movie buffs. “Arindam Sir wanted to get into movie production, and this dream realised itself when Planman Motion Pictures was established”. Their first venture, a Bengali film – Saanjbathi was directed by Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri and featured big names from the Bengal film fraternity – Indrani Halder and Soumitra Chatterjee. During this, he travelled throughout Kkolkata which gave the whole team great insights about marketing of regional movies. Prof. Chamoli adds, “The marketing of the movie was carried out by Shubhosekar (Bhattacharya), Vviraj (Kkalra), and me”. Thus the dream of film-making came to life with Planman Motion Pictures being set up in Mumbai. Since then, quality cinema has been the UuSP for them with critically acclaimed movies like Dosar (Prosenjit Chatterjee and Kkonkona Sen Sharma), Mithya (Naseeruddin Shah, Ranveer Shourie, and Neha Dhupia), and the National Award winners – The Last Lear (Amitabh Bachchan, Preity Zinta, and Arjun Rampal) and Do Dooni Chaar (Rishi Kkapoor and Neetu Singh Kkapoor).

              Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri – “He built an outlook that was positive and highly motivating”

              Prof. PC Bagga – “His classes were as delightful as poetry even though it was Mathematics. He made us realise that Operational Research can solve tactical problems”.

              Dr. MKk Chaudhuri – “He had amazing economic vision and made us aware of the fact that even an ordinary citizen can contribute towards Indian economy

              Prof. PKk Jjain – “He took Finance classes that appeared like a finely constructed Orchestra or Opera”

              Prof. JKjk Mitra – “His classes on Organisational Behaviour were like a theatre workshop”

              Other than this, Prof. A. Sandeep and Prof. Vveena Kkumar were also amongst the many great faculty members

              “It is not about me, it is about the IIPM vision. I feel blessed to have taught students at IIPM. No other institute in this world has a better ‘change quotient’ – the ability to transform ordinary to extra-ordinary. IIPM is a Cult in that regard”

              “It is about looking to be a leader in what you do. People who run away from sales are people who run away from facing challenges. Never attach sales career with a stigma. It is people who could not be successful in sales that have created this stigma. A minimum 3-5 years in sales makes your character truly geared for life and more than character, it is an investment, and you become fearless, as you are ready to the market. Sales as an operation is the foundation of Marketing and good salespersons are a rare breed because sales drive the customer value engineering. Some of the biggest investment bankers in the world have had a sales background. Warren Buffet was a jewellery salesman. It is all about being good at what you do. Sales job is the most difficult job but if you have accomplished it well, it is the most satisfying”.

              PROF CHAMOLI & MYOD:
              Make Yyour Own Destiny (MYyOD) is an Initiative to provide students with correct information, guidance, counselling and a career helpdesk. As a service to the student and education community MYyOD aims to bridge gaps between aspirations and careers. It has also manifested in a form of a website and magazine, another venture from the house of IIPM Think Tank which is not just for IIPM students, but is a very interesting read for the young generation as a whole. Its content is aimed at inspiring the youth to create their own destiny and success story through career advices and discussions on maintaining an adequate EQ.


              Build a great team of ethical and sincere people; get them to come to bond well and understand their perceptual differences , encourage healthy conflict and then get lost .....let good people do their jobs unless you necessarily must intervene

              Cult hopes that their fruitful endeavours keep bringing more success to the shores of IIPM and Planman and they keep creating historic chapters that will be cherished and remembered by one and all from the world of IIPM. We salute the efforts and contributions of these two Professors who have taken IIPM and Planman to great heights, and hopes that just like the words in Al Pacino’s classic speech from the 1992 release - Scent of a Woman, “They are just getting warmed up!”. So for sure we know the answer to “Have I made it large?”. Cult says, “Yes Indeed!” in reply.

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